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Jul 23, 2007
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I have been doing alot of research and trying to decide where is the best place to find base oils additives. Every time i find a company that sells pretty cheap of oil it is more expensive for another. Is it possible to find a supplier with overall low prices on all their oils? if so, please let me know who they are.
Try Soapers Choice. Remember, some oils, regardless of where you purchase them, will be more expensive and some oils and butters are just cheaper no matter where you buy. It is just the nature of the beast

Yep, Soapers Choice/Columbus Foods is THE CP oil supply line for the serious soapmaker. Great, great prices on base oils and fantastic customer service from Mike! One of my best suppliers! 8)

Paul.... :wink:

Hey, these prices are great! They are the lowest I haves seen so far. Now if I can find a good lye supplier and some good basic soap recipes i will be good.....Any sugestions :D

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