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Jul 23, 2008
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Troy, MO
This will be my first recipe that I created myself. And I would like to know what you all think of it.

For 1lb of soap:

Coconut oil 33%
Olive oil 55%
Shea butter 10%
jojoba oil 2%

I want this to be a Jasmine Soap. And I also what it to be extra bubbly and very moisturizing. I have Jasmine essential oil I'm going to use. I've heard I need to add the EO to a carrier oil like the jojoba before I add it. Is that true? Do I need to add the jojoba/jasmine at trace?

I'm also considering either making jasmine tea with the water or using coconut milk instead of water to make it extra bubbly. What do you all think?
Have you made this soap yet? I have been watching this question waiting to see the replys you get. I am a newby, but it looks good to me. Let me know how it turns out.

I've always used the rule of thumb that anything more than 10% shea butter is a waste so you might want to reduce that amount and save it for another batch.

Overall it's going to be a little cleansing at 22, and not so much bubbly lather at 22. Or was that your goal?

Maybe decreasing the coconut oil and adding in some castor oil would make it a little more rounded and overall better numbers unless that is the outcome you were looking for.
I know this is an old post - but here are my 2C - as a rule of thumb keep CO to 30% or less - otherwise it is too drying. You might want to add some other oils to increase your lather. None of those oils produce much other than CO. Try AKO (the most lather), babassu, castor, sunflower, safflower avacado, and canola as good lather adding oils at about 10%. Also do not believe everything that soapcalc tells you. Alot of it is not correct as far as lather goes.