I must have this!

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That is a thing of beauty!

bow down.gif
It has a 120 V/300 W DC motor.

So... I guess the force is quite strong in this one?

Yes, I know, I KNOW! But I just had to do it! You can`t dangle a thing like that in front of me and NOT get a bad pun in return. Seriously. *grin*

In my defence though... My husband and I have have watched three star wars movies the last three weekends in a row. I guess it starts to show... *cough* o_O

My son would love that. Right after the very first Star Wars came out, he had to go into the hospital for surgery. A few days later while still restricted to complete bed rest, he was visited by Darth Vader in his hospital room. (Someone in full costume, the actual DV.) My Dad had something to do with arranging it, I think because his picture ended up in the newspaper where my Dad worked. I still have the newspaper in a file I keep for my son.
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