I messed up can it be saved?

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Nov 19, 2007
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I bet you guys are tired of us newbies and our questions.

I thought I would just substitute some oils and it didn't turn out well.

Here is what I ran through the Lye calculator

Coconut Oil 16.7 oz 17.9%
Hemp Oil 18.2 oz 19.5%
Olive Oil 28 % oz 30%
Soybean Oil 30.4 32.5%

10 oz water
12.8 oz lye

Then added 24 oz of evaporated goats milk added to lye and oil mixture.
Also some Christmas Wassill FO

It traced very very fast. I poured into molt and immediately started to gel and I didn't insulate it.

It has a 1/4 inch of liquid on the top.

I know I should have NOT decided to experiment but I wanted to save my coconut oil so I substituted with what I had.

Can it be saved? Should I try to make liquid soap with it?

Thanks in Advance,


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Jul 17, 2007
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SW Missouri
Hi Jackie! Most any "disaster" can be saved by rebatching. Goat milk really heats things up, especially in a wood mold that is covered. You need to watch for overheating and volcano as we call it. Sounds like it got too hot and you had separation issues. You can rebatch in a crock pot. I did not run the numbers on my favorite calculator, I'm assuming you did. I don't know if I welcomed you or not to the forum. If not----"Howdy!"

Paul.... :) :wink:


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Feb 17, 2007
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Are you sure that your numbers are correct? Your total for your oil weight is 93.3 oz which to me is an odd amount. Nothing wrong with the amount but wondered if it was correct. Also, you have a very high amount of soft oils - the soybean and the hemp so this will not be as hard of a bar had you used lower %. With that high of an amount of hemp, your soap might get DOS since the shelf life of Hemp is very short. I also don't think this bar will not be a very lathering bar but I would think it will be very conditioning and good for very dry skin. Because of the OO, it will need a bit of a longer cure. OO does produce a very hard bar but it takes time. OO is also a wonderful conditioning oil that is gentle to the skin.

I agree with Paul too that the gm might have overheated and caused your oils to separate. To help avoid this, soap with your oils and lye at room temperature. You can also use frozen or very cold gm and put your mold in the fridge or keep a fan on it to keep it from overheating.

You really can not make a liquid soap from this. The process to make liquid soap is much different than it is for bar soap and the lye is a different type of a lye. I would try to rebatch it to see if it can be saved. Rebatching can be you friend and saves a lot of batches of soap that one might think were lost causes.

Even if this batch did not turn out like you might have wanted, I think it is cool that you were willing to experiment. Experimenting is fun and can help you become a better soaper. It can also help you to find that one killer soap recipe that is to die for. You never know, this one could be one of those great soaps our skin loves.