i made my soap with ricing property. any way to save it ?

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Apr 29, 2015
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After looking at the beginners thread I see that I made my soap with ricing.They are not solid, and they have a bad mixed pudding look.
I calculated wrong the oils :) anyway, is there a way to SAVE them, or should I just throw them in the toilet ? :( ....somehow of re-heating, adding lard... adding gelatine :D... I have no idea.

Thanks again and sorry for the noob question
Also, if it's not too late I would throw it in a crockpot or in a pot on the stove on low and stick blend it and it may come together. May not be pretty but might be okay. I've had a few FO's do that.
But if you don't know how much of which oils you have, as well as the precise amount of lye, I would toss it and call it a learning experience.

If you do know EXACTLY what you have in there, please post it up, and what you want, and we may be able to help from there.
I have no idea. I added some lye, but it didn't heat with the water.... so I added some more :D, still didn't heat. so I said...**** it, and I made it without heated lye.


lye - unknown
peanut oil (one small plastic cans)
olive oil (3 small platic cans)
some essential oils (guess around 20 drops)

I bought some pork fat, that I read it makes the soap hard. You think if I mix it with the "failed experiment" it will work ?

sorry, I'm really beginner and I watched some youtube videos

made another batch, and I putted some gelatin for food to make it more strong. but still it's not strong enough.
maybe I'm doing something wrong...
The best advise that can be given is to take a step back and read through the this forum and absorb all of the information before making another batch. You cannot just throw ingredients together without using a soap calculator and expect it to come out perfect (heck, even when you do use a soap calc it still won't come out perfect...nature of the soap beast!). If you come to the forum and ask for help but then cannot tell us the exact amounts of what went in to the soap, then honestly you should not be making soap right now. Sorry to be blunt about it, but that is the truth.
I do not know what youtube videos you watched... but they really did not show you correctly.

Try searching for Soaping 101 and Soap Queen TV. Look for their beginner's tutorials. And do not make any more soap until you understand how to mix your lye, and weigh out your materials.
I'm wondering about the lye. Is it only NaOH or a drain cleaner that has other ingredients? Or any type of lye at all? When I add my first division of lye (either NaOH or KOH) it starts to heat immediately. I usually pour a bit of lye, stir, pour again, stir....until it's all in the water. By the time I get it all added, it's way up there in temp. Since the OP's water never heated, I wonder what's really being added.
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Food gelatin? Whoopsie daisy.

As was said, put the pots and pans down, make a cup of whatever you like to drink and get a better grip on the basics first - invest a little time now to save a LOT of wasted time later.

Soaping 101 basic soap making would be an ideal start. Seriously, which videos did you watch that gave you these ideas?
Omg!! I'm all for helping out beginners especially as I've only been soaping for 5 months. But seriously?? How did you know how much lye to add and do you know how much you actually added? Where did you get your lye from - are you sure it's sodium hydroxide?

What about oils? How much in grams - no point telling us in cans as they could be tiny or huge cans??

Usually I'd say it could be saved but I think this concoction really needs to be disposed off.

Research on here, decide on a basic recipe - even if you find a recipe on here be sure to run it through a soap calculator to check the numbers for yourself too

Videos alone are not enough to start your soaping adventures, you need to read, read, read and then read some more
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You need to dispose of that mess ASAP. You do not know what is in there as far as how much lye to how much oil. I would pour that mixture back into the jars the ingredients came out of and dispose of it in the trash. Be sure to secure the lids down well.

Go watch this:


Then read this:


Then we can have a place to start discussing proper soapmaking with you.
You really need to put everything aside and do some research. You are playing Russian roulette with soap and a chemical. It's no wonder you didn't get soap. You have very little knowledge of what you are doing. Read, research, read and watch reputable you tube videos then read more until you have a bit of basic knowledge.
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I knew that picture looked familiar but didn't want to say something and people think I was nuts!
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