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Jan 5, 2008
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Southern Wi.
Hi everyone.. Here it is Saturday evening and all I can think is SOAP.. Since I decided to revive my soaping and want to do some MP instead of CP - my head is spinning!! I use to make 8pnd CP batches all the time with my custom made molds.. Now that I am trying something new- MP, I want to make like 2pnd batches. What would be a good mold to buy/make/use???? I also would like a larger bar, like 3 1/2 by 3... Something like that.. But my mind has stopped working when it comes to the calculations of size and ounces..... Any ideas, suggestions? I plan to use a wavy cutter on 2 sides. Don`t even get me going on the Miter Box thing, they practically had me removed from my Home Depot... :shock: Thanks!

I'm here! I have a large selection to choose from at my Etsy Store. Click on the link in my signature and take a look. I have a new log smooth/wavy cutter coming out by next weekend. :wink: I can custom build anything for you. not a problem at all!

Paul... :wink:

Thanks for replies! Paul ,I will surely keep you in mind.. However I am "rigging" an old soap mold for today! Cant wait!


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