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Mar 18, 2022
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Captive breeding is the only way this species is now thriving. The Bronx Zoo in New York has a large active breeding program going on working closely with Tanzania trying to save this species. They are from an area that is only a few sq ft and leave in a screw palm that people cut down to get to the little guys. There is a reserve but they still have problems with the illegal harvesting of these little fellows. Plus they are a bit tough to breed so only breeders such as us will be able to keep this beautiful little species going. At least he can live out a happy life in a controlled environment, is well fed with no predators, and will eventually have a girlfriend to keep him busy. :p

EDA: My little fellow came from a Cities registered breeder as will my future female, since I plan on starting a breeding program for these beautiful little ones. I will register with Cities if I am required to where I am moving.
Breeding endangered species can be difficult work. Heard today on radio that the Galápagos Islands have been captive breeding iguanas and releasing on islands to repopulate the iguanas the program is very successful. Thank you for doing this work with your beautiful lizards.