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I Have a Variety of Used Silicone Molds to Get Rid Of

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Vicki Carr

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Jan 24, 2020
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Asheville NC
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We are clearing out a large amount of our household items for a potential move. Even if we don't move, it will still be wonderful to be free of extra stuff. Among the items are some silicone molds that I don't really use. I'd be happy to accept a donation of any amount (no minimum) if you also would pay shipping. These will go to the first who replies and can pay with PayPal.

All of them are in good condition, but will need a good cleaning before using, as they've been gathering some dust.

Also, shipping to US only. Sorry to those from around the world who might be interested =).
Hi do u still have molds in second pix if so I’m interested

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