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Remember when you were a kid and there were popsickles made out of vanilla ice cream molded in orange sherbet? I want that to be my model for my soap bar.

Nevermind that vanilla turns your soap brown. Let's make the soap first (CP), then divide the batch, mix half with sweet orange EO and mix half with vanilla. Then pour the mold and swirl it with 50/50 each, producing a half white half brown marble.

What vanilla do I use? Is this stuff gonna be expensive?

How bout giving me your ideas? Do you have any recipe ideas or should I just make any recipe that looks good?

My second batch is in prison and I need a new recipe to aspire to. Okay soaping is a substance addiction. I need to plan on a new fix.


You might be better off trying to find a Dreamsicle fragrance that doesn't turn brown. Or at the very least a vanilla that doesn't discolor too much. If you swirl with a vanilla that browns - it will eventually overtake the white part of the swirl too.

You can research fragrances here: http://soapscentreview.obisoap.ca/
With any luck you can find one that works. Also - BCN carries a Vanilla Stabilizer that works well with some vanillas and scents that contain vanilla.
Thats exactly what I was going to do!!! Eventually, anyway. I've never used vanilla fragrance, but I'd be careful because sometimes orange EO is weak and the vanilla might overpower it. Then you'd end up with "Vanilla and Maybe an Orange". If you were going to divide the batch in half you could use titanium dioxide (or is it oxide?) for the vanilla and a good orange colorant for the orange part.
I really like WSP dreamsickle FO which is a blend of orange and cream. It smells really good and it doesn't discolor your soap, which is weird for a vanilla. I don't know how to post pics but here is the link to my dreamsicle soap

http://www.blujay.com/?page=ad&adid=206 ... t=19140800

You can see that I tried to make it orange and white to reflect the orange and vanilla and it didn't come out perfect but it smells great! HTH!
Sorry for jumping in here. I just love checking out others sites. Your cupcakes are gorgeous :D How on earth did you get the top to do that?
I could definitely see them getting bitten into if they were sitting on my counter!!!!
Marr, I guess that Dreamsicle must be the name of the popsicle I was remembering from my childhood. (?) I'll check out that site later, after I've registered and created an account. However, I don't consider the browning all that objectionable. (I might want non-browning in the future.) It was my cognitive leap that I could use the browning as an asset by incorporating it into a kind of marble swirl. I heed your warning that the browned vanilla might bleed into the white. Good point. That would ruin my intended effect.

La O', glad you're interested too, maybe we can work out the idea together. I doubt the titanium oxide would help matters. If you have brown then no matter how much white pigment you mix in you'll never get white, only lighter shades of brown. Rather than even fighting it, my idea is to intentionally go for a brown swirled into white, kind of a marbled look, maybe like marbled marzipan? I wonder if you like my brown-white swirl idea enough to do that yourself?

HRS, here's your image. (Hit the Img button, copy and paste your image's URL, hit the Img button a second time to close it.)

Yeah I see what you mean, looks good but I think you intended to have the orange and white separate and it looks like your orange bled into the white turning it into light orange. That's the kind of marbeling effect I want though, although like you I was hoping for near white in the part without the orange or brown bleeding in.

I wonder if you or anybody can tell me about the safety aspects of FO compared to EO. Is it that the FOs have synthetic scents infused into a carrier oil. Are those scents completely safe?

And hi to CG, no problem jumping in! :)

Well in any case I don't have to stick with the original white-brown swirl and two separate EOs, but I might, or might not. There's something from my cooking experience I can't quite put my finger on, remembering vanilla and remembering a brown color, some type of desert. Ohhhhh!!! Just remembered! The brown comes from caramelized sugar, combined with some desert that has vanilla in it. That's why I associate vanilla and brown and don't object to the combination.

I know it sounds kind of silly to have orange scent but no orange color. I've never been good at folowing rules. :)

So my questions are:

1. Are FOs safe and particularly are they safe for retail sale? I won't know if somebody is going to use my soap on a baby and I don't want to have to put some kind of warning on the label unless there's no other way.

2. How do I keep my separate colors from bleeding and spoiling the marble?

3. Any additional thoughts on whether it's better to use an orange-vanilla combination, or just split the batch and use a separate scent along with the separate color treatment?

4. Do I have the right idea to pour the first color in the mold, then pour the second color layer on top of that, and then just take a stick or a rubber spatula and swirl it until the right effect is achieved?
I think the dessert with the caramelized sugar is creme brulee (sp?) I'm not sure but I remember watching a cooking show where they used a torch to melt the sugar.

Question #1 I think that as long as the FO says that it is skin safe it will be safe to use at the recommended percentages. Some people are more sensitive than others, I've had people complain about soaps that have any kind of spice in them. I think baby soaps are usually unscented just in case.

Question #2 IDK

#3 I make this soap using orange EO and pink sugar FO and people seem to prefer it layered as opposed to swirled. I have no idea why. I put orange EO in half and pink sugar FO in the other half.

#4 Personally I have not had much luck using this method, maybe I pour too thick?
Yeah, creme brulee, that's the one! Or crème brûlée if you're a pedant. ;) (I googled it.) Although caramelized sugar is a common element in deserts.

Well I guess I can put off worrying about the FO safety until such time as I might start selling. At present I don't anticipate doing that for a couple years. Perhaps by then I'll have the skills and knowledge to design a safe product for mass consumption. I'm not intending any soap for babies, but I'm sure it would be a good idea to have at least one unscented uncolored choice, for sensitive people.

BTW you got your img and /img tags reversed:

Ah, the "Neapolitan" look. I've seen that with white-pink-chocolate, and it's an interesting look. Another way is to layer it horizontally so that the faces are opposite colors. One of my books has a pina colada soap like that, just two layers, and I'm tempted to make it.

So your swirls haven't been unqualified successes, eh? Well we've seen it done, all we need is to figure out how.
I've been messing with my post but I finally figured out how to post pictures! Yay! I'm a total newbie with this forum stuff LOL

I can't do two different color faces because I use a log mold but I've been considering getting a slab mold just so that I can experiment with different coloring methods.

This is what happens when I glop everything into my mold and run a spatula through it...

It looks "interesting" LOL :) If you look closely you can actually see where I pushed my spatula down forcing the red into the orange.
That's a kind of interesting look. :) It's better than I've got now, and honestly the soap that really appeals to me at Whole Foods Market has interesting artistic effects like that. Also, take a look at all the soaps on this page at IndigoWild. If I could do all that I would be content that I had developed the artistic side as far as I want to go.

I was just telling somebody else that I'm an engineer with an artist trying to climb out. My work is so left brained logical/analytic that I crave right brained intuitive/creative outlets, and that's what got me interested in art, in cooking, and now in soapmaking. It's a rebellion against my day job.

So I want to create visually interesting soaps and I hope I eventually get there. If I do this vanilla-orange swirl it will be my first attempt at something other than a monocolor bar.

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