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Aug 16, 2014
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Near Charlotte NC
Howdy folks,

So far, my lotions have been pretty basic, but I'm feeling the need to spice things up and want to pack in some more goodies. What do you think about hydrosols in lotions or other B&B? Is there pretty good scent retention at around 10%? I'm wondering how much I need to take into account competing scents... Would Chamomile hydrosol in a lotion scented with Champagne FO just smell horrifying?

I haven't bought any yet but am about to place a big lotions/potions supply order with LotionCrafter. Any advice would be really helpful.


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Feb 23, 2015
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Hi snappylama, first time i did my own lotion i used rosewayer rather than distilled water.

If my memory isn't failing me (this was. Ire than a decade ago), it had quite the overwhelming rosewater scent when it was all done. The lavender and orange essential oil i used with it, ended up covering it, but not till after a few days. But it is normal for fragrances to take time to develop in lotions. I did not onow that back then, and kept adding a lot of the EO's thinking they arent working....and then got surprised by the morphed scent a few days later! So go less at the start, and tou could always add more later.

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