How to make bath salts that don't clump? (I've tried everything)

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Jun 10, 2024
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I'm trying to replicate the Saje bath salts because they're just so darned expensive. To anyone who hasn't used them, they're like Dr. Teal's epsom salts in that they are totally dry and run smoothly while being infused with oils including essential oils. I do note that their ingredients include baking soda, which I also include.

But even when it seems like I'm replicating their ingredient lists to make my own bath salts, they're just...crappy. They clump, no matter what (in a glass bottle, jar, etc). I've even tried baking the salts at low temperature for 45 minutes before adding any baking soda and essential oils (this made the salts appear "fluffy" and light). I once asked a Saje rep how they made their salts so dry and non-clumpy, she said something about the company drying the salts using the sun? How does that work?

I added dendritic salts to the essential oils to keep the scent strong. Scent seems to be strong but for clumping, nothing is working.

What am I missing? Has anyone figured out the secret sauce to free-flowing bath salts?

Please share! I am losing my mind over here :search:

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