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Jan 5, 2008
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Hi! I wonder how to get a natural colorant at home. There are plenty of sites about which herb gives what collor but i'm quite new to this stuff and I would like to know how to get such colorant in practise: what to use, how to melt it and so on.

Pls help and thanks!:)
You can use:

cocoa powder
natural clays & muds (bentonite, pink kaolin, morroccan clay, french green clay, rose clay)
alkanet root for a purple color
spirulina for a nice green
annatto seed
pureed carrots
coffees or teas
indigo root

If using fos, you can also use the fo if it discolors to get a contrast by taking part of the soap before adding the fo, and swirl it back into the scented part.
natural soap colorants

I used nothing but natural when I did my CP soaps.. If I remember correctly, I used Turmeric Powder for tans- very nice- but it looks carrot orange yuck at first in CP soap. Not sure of MP. Paprika can make an excellent orange. Spinach juice for green, and all the other spices already listed. To find out more you can look up Kathy Millers website, there is a link in there with everything you would need to know about anything. Including coloring. Hope this helps!

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