How to get Palm-free & Vegan Conditioning Bubbles? - Please Critique

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Jan 21, 2021
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Thank you for clarifying!

Do you think I should try increasing my superfat % to make a less-drying bar?

Yes you're totally right! I'm hoping the increased castor oil will help sustain the lather from the 20% coconut oil.

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I actually have a jug of Aloe Vera Juice sitting next to me as I type. :)

I was planning on trying to narrow down on my base recipe, then trying small batch of the base recipe (sans additives) to compare with a series of variations with the following additives:
  • Variation A: Sub Aloe Vera Juice for water
  • Variation B: Sub Beer for water
  • Variation C: Add Sugar
  • Variation D: Citric Acid (+ 0.6g NaOH) <-- this is mainly because I'm on well water (read: hard) and want to see if it makes a difference)
Once I have an idea of how each of these additives plays with the base recipe on it's own, I'll start working on combining them.

ETA: I do also want to try a dual-lye recipe, but I agree that it's a bit beyond my comfort zone at this point. I'm hoping I'll get there relatively soon, though!
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