how small can you go? Does size matter?

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Feb 18, 2008
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I would like to make a bunch of little test batches, how small a batch has anybody been making.

Are there any trick to micro-sizing the recipes?

I was thinking about making 1/2 pound runs - I have been using a crock-pot HP methodology which has allowed me to quickly test out some combinations.

Thanks for any help
I wouldn't go with anything smaller than a pound..... just because of the larger margin of error you can have with smaller batches.
1 pound batches are the smallest I would try, and use grams to weigh your lye, even oils. I sell a 1 pound TOG Test Batch Mold and that is the smallest mold I would make and sell.

Paul :wink:
I agree. I myself am in the experimental stage and doing alot of
1 lbers. I would not want to work with anything smaller than that.
And like Paul said with that size I have been strictly measuring
in grams. Much more precise.
I do alot of small batches, most are 20 oz. But I have made some 7 oz. batch which i do not recomend. One lb is a good test size. Besides any smaller and it is hard to use the stick blender and I really dont want to make soap with out a stick blender anymore.
I have not made anything over 24oz. of oils yet. My mold (3 slot silverware tray, lined with saran wrap, lol!) will probably not hold much more.
And while trying PAUL'S FISHERMAN'S SOAP RECIPE (sorta) I thought, "I'll try goats milk".....accidently opened the can of coconut milk instead, used HALF of my liquids as water mixed with the lye (which made the lye solution a super powerful almost gel) and the other half CM that I WAS going to add at trace.....but using the good ol' stick blender, let say trace came and went so fast I missed it!!! lol! I experienced my first "soap on a stick". :wink:

(yeah, I can laugh now) I tried to save this mess, panic mode....added the rest of the can of coconut milk, re-heated it some (I use a microwave), that seemed to help a little so as it started thickening up again and I was out of CM I added tap water.....on and on. I did get it to finally "resemble" soap...but now a few days later, it is still spongy.

I have no idea if there is a chance for it or not.

Here's it's GOOD side:


So the moral of this newbie's story????
If you're gonna try small batches.....Keep it simple, keep the stick blender in the drawer, and say a prayer or 2!

Thanks for letting me share....... :roll:
I regularly make 1/2 kilo batches when trying out new FO's, colours, ideas, etc. Just make sure that you weigh carefully, as everyone else has said.

Just let it cure out. It should be ok, It will be kinda like a rebatch. It sure looks purdy!