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Nov 28, 2007
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I got this recipe from this forum and will try my first batch of soap ever this Christmas. Can anyone suggest how much oatmeal and vanilla essential oil to add at trace? I want a not-too-scrubby bar that smells nice.

Also, anyone know what temperature I should have the lye water and oils at before combining? Thanks!

48 ounces shortening (Crisco type - 3# can)
22 ounces coconut oil
16 ounces olive oil
24 oz. cold water
12 oz. lye
Hi Stoneheart, welcome to the forum.

I add oatbran at about 8% of total oil weight, so for your batch that's about 6.5 oz.

I generally use FO's at 2% of total oil weight, however, as I don't use EO's I'm not sure if that's too much...anyone else have an opinion on this?

As for temperature, I've never worried about it. I make my lye solution, let it sit in the sink. I then heat my oils until they are just melted enough to combine, then add the lye & stickblend it into submission. :lol: