How much EO do you use per lbs of cp soap

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Jan 25, 2008
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Columbia, South Carolina
One of the first soaps I made called for 1 tsp/lbs of soap. I have always stuck with this but knowing it should be based on weight right???? I also know there are lots of variables with flash points and all, but I feel i do too much guessing. Does anyone have a good rule on how much to use or is there a web site someone knows of???
I think I heard paul say that he reccommends using 1oz/ lb of soap but dont quote me on that (paul sorry if Im wrong!!)
this one might be over my head...but i want to say no, although again...dont take my word for it im suuuuper new at this. the 2nd question is beyond me...

paul?? tab??

someone else?? lol
My general rule of thumb for EOs is 0.7 ounzes per pound of oils....but of you are using a stong eo like cinnamon I would drop it back to 0.4 ounzes per pound.

I'm not really sure about FOs since I'm an EO person.

Good luck!
lol not sure but thats what i did just now..weighed out x amount that people reccommended but i thought it could be stronger so i gave it a extra lil swig :)
That is why I am afraid to make CP soap, I never like to measure anything. My other hobby is personal cheffing, I pour until it looks right as well :oops:

Some EOs can be hazardous in certain amounts. They are natural - but some can be toxic. Your best bet is to stay within the range the supplier suggests and note any special instructions for people with allergies, pregnancy etc.
Great comment, Marr. :wink: I use 1 oz. PPO of most FO's. I only use between .5 and .8 oz. PPO of my EO's, never 1 ounce as it can cause irritation. Different EO's require much different usage amounts, as you can get serious skin irritation in sensitive body areas using too much. Caution should be used. Some EO's should not be used by pregnant women. Some EO's should not be used on animals, especially cats, as it can kill them. Always do your research when using EO's and print appropriate warnings when applicable. Safety, is of utmost concern when using certain EO's. I use about 6 or 7 EO's, the rest of my scents are FO's!

Safety, is of utmost concern when using certain EO's.
Yes! Yes! Yes! This is so true! But although they can be dangerous if misused, they can also be absolutely divine when used correctly!

Essential oils need to be measured not just poured til it feels right. And, because they have different gravity weights, they need to be measured by weight not volume. An ounce of lavender eo may be more in volume than, say, an ounce of patchouli.

Some suppliers will tell you how much per lb to use by using percentages. That's probably the best way. I have never used any EO in more than a 3% content and those have been the more milder ones, like lavender. Most I use 2 - 2.5%.

That percentage is figured by pound. For instance, 2.5%EO of 32oz(2lb) oils would be .8oz of EO (32 x 2.5 % on a calculator or [2.5 divided by 32 by hand]). If you don't keep blends made up you will have to figure the parts into the percentages to get totals.

Don't think I am an expert on EOs, though. I am not! Although I have never used anything else (no, not even 1 FO) I'm still learning. I do love using them and am willing to share what ever I can.

Hope I haven't confused you even more! :roll:

no that acutally helped alot (all the replies did!!)

just learned that tea tree EO eats through plastic cups!! wowsa! that opened my eyes up lol

have to be more careful!