How long does a bastille cp soap cure for?

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Apr 27, 2015
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I live in NC
I'm wanting to make a baby soap that uses 75-80% olive oil, not sure how long it would need to cure for. I do know that a castille soap recipe cures for 6 months.
I have a bastille baby soap (about 85% olive oil) that is great at 2 years old. I did use it before that, and found it pretty nice at 6-8 months, but awesome at 1.5 years old. Super mild, and hard and firm in the tub with no "snotty" texture at all. When it was newer, it did have a bit of slime to it.
Mine contains 50% OO and I cure it for 4 to 6 weeks. I've made several batches with 80% OO before, though, and I felt they were better with a longer cure of at least 3 months.

IrishLass :)
'Typical' soap I do 6 - 8 weeks which I consider 50% or less OO. Over that gets 3 months minimum and if it's over 80% I do 6 months to a year depending on the recipe.
My pure 100% OO gets no less than a full year. I'm doing a hundred Castile for a friend who owns an olive orchard so using her OO.. she had her other friends test the bars recently at 8 months along and several said a bit slimy. She wants them now but this just showed her that they need a year and worth the wait IMO. :)

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