How does one go about making castile dog soap?

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Nov 14, 2021
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El Campo, Texas
I just checked your messages and didn't see it listed. ???
Here's the link to the Introduction Forum. if you want to have another go at it. :)

Also, I'm taking the liberty of sharing a link to your excellent thread on
Lye Based Soap vs Synthetic Detergent for Dogs
Aw thank you! And I couldn't figure that out with the intro post cause i did post it and it said it was being reviewed before it was open to the public and later I saw it listed among the other intros sooo idk what happened. I'll pry have to end up rewriting it🤦🏽‍♀️

Big Rottie lover here! Had Rotts for years amazing loving souls they are! I hope you have success formulating your shampoo!
Awesome!!!❤😍 my girl, Nitro, is my first rottie and I've came to love the temperament of the breed! I've heard every rottie say that after their first, they just couldn't stop getting more throughout the years! And mine definitely won't be my last!❤🐾

Here's her with my sister. They're just big teddy bears!

Here tis.. Hello from South Texas!
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