How do you display your jewelry for shows?

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Jun 3, 2008
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I was wondering how you display your jewely that you've made at fairs,swaps etc. Do you use regular jewley displays that you buy from a
retail store display company or some other way?

Thanks for your time
Ive seen people make simple wood frames that have a recessed cavity about 2-3inches and then conver the top with plexiglass on hinges (and a lock and key) this will protect your jewlery, keep it safe from theft and make it presentable and portable for cleaning/opening up! (you can set the jewerly up with pins so its in a fashion you desire! :)
I take branches & put them in pots or vaces & *hang* items from the branches.

I also take pictures out of frames & stretch screen across the frame. You can use the screen to hold earrings.
Wow thanks for the info--what great ideas. Thanks again I really appreciate it.

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