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Hi, my name is Sarah and I am new to this forum.

I made my first batch of CP goat's milk soap last weekend and it is curing on some racks in my spare bedroom.

It is my understanding that it needs to cure about 6 weeks to finish reacting, harden and normalize the pH.

How do you check the pH of your soap? Do you wet the top and rub some pH paper on it? Or is there a better way?


I posted some pictures of my soap on my knitting and spinning blog:

You can find it by clicking on "Goat's Milk Soap" under the April Archives on the right hand side.
Ummm... is this forum active?

Anybody here that knows anything about making soap?????

I think you can just use test strips to monitor it's PH. I think it should be safe to use after 3 or 4 weeks though.

I'm still new to the CP soap thing, and have only made 1 batch so far just the other day so I still haven't gotten to that point. My mom makes soap too though. I don't think she even checks the PH. She just waits a few weeks before she uses it. She only makes it for a hobby though. I guess if you are selling it it may be more critical to check ph levels.

Hope that helped
Thanks, Nazla. I just made my first batch, too and was wondering about the pH of it. It is for personal use so I guess as long as I wait 4 weeks it should be ok. My batch is goat's milk soap and they recommend waiting for 6 weeks to allow it to harden and bit more so it will last longer.

I can get some pH paper at the lab at work. I guess you just wet a small spot on top of the soap and rub the pH paper on that spot?

I think I worry too much sometimes. :?
I just joined this forum and PH is something I'm particularly interested in. I made a batch of soap several weeks ago but it just doesn't feel right. I don't know if it needs more time or the feeling is all in my head.

Kuanyinyang, did you test yours? How did it turn out?

Does anyone know where to get testing supplies?


Edit: I found and ordered PH paper.

My soap has a PH of 9. I guess my apprehensions were in my head.
Most handmade CP soap will result in a Ph of 9 - 10.5. Most soapers are not concerned with the Ph of soap. Let your skin tell you what's right.

If you are making soap with DW (discounted water) your soap will be ready in about 3-4 weeks. HP (hot Process), OP (oven process), you can use your soap immediately. Full water methods should wait for 6 week cure before using. The longer it sits, the firmer the bar and the gentler the bar.

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