How can I successfully use a failed pencil line soap as an embed?

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May 3, 2019
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United States
So I made my first pencil line soap yesterday which was an EPIC fail to say the very least! It looked absolutely beautiful but the layers separated, I am also embarrassed to admit that I went nuts thinking "how hard can it be" and I made a total of 6 slanted pencil lines in a soap design :oops: I dusted the lines on a bit too thick and that was my problem.

Since I can't trust the entire thing now I have a couple of ideas. on salvaging the soap without it looking like a muddy mess (the pencil line is charcoal) and the design. I was thinking of separating all 7 layers as cleanly as possible, shaving the pencil line off as much as I can, then arranging it in a nice geometric manner in the mold and pouring unscented, white soap batter over it and in the gaps to bond it all together. That way it can at least SOMEWHAT look like what I was going for with the original design. Any problems with this approach? I just want to make sure that when I do put it all together I won't run into the same problem again. Does the soap batter need to reach each side of the "embed" or as long as it fills in the gaps should I be OK?

I wish I had more FO... I used all of it on this recipe so what I would use for filler has to be unscented. Bummer.

I guess worst case scenario I can rebatch it and turn it into a charcoal bar but I really, really want to see if I can salvage it and make something pretty.

Thanks all for any ideas.
Jul 22, 2019
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Troy NY
I have used larger chunk embeds to use up what I had from trying to get a slab cut straight. I loved the look


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