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Jul 30, 2008
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Way South, Alabama
My first try with these recipes :)

It already smells good enough to take a bite out of! :lol: (my son keeps trying to!)

And here are pics of my coconut oil goat milk soap:

I'm really new to this (these are my 2nd & 3rd batches) I've had to get aa little creative with the molds since I am poor! haha

You'd probably never guess what I've used for molds! ;)
Looking good!!! :D There have been several soaps I would be greatly tempted to taste anyway. :lol:

The last ones are so cute what mold did you use for that one!
love them all .. my guess is you used tart mold for the soaps ? they make great guest size soaps
An organic plastic egg crate :D Works great and is reusable. I've used it 3 times now!

Triangles were made in an orange juice carton and I cut at the fold lines whe I got the soap out of the "mold"

The little pie shapped ones are from a sortning container.

The egg crate has been the neatest so far. It also has a 3rd fold that you can just make a log in and cut later.
Your mold ideas are very creative.... and resourceful! :)

dagnukem said:
My first try with these recipes :)

I am curious about the green spreckled bars. It reminds me of my own batch of peppermint bars. What kind of oils or herbs gave you that nice green color?
I think the lighting is just funny - it's actually a pretty brown. That is honey & oatmeal too.

I do get pretty creative with the molds. I found off brand 10oz tupperware containers that make a perfect bar size (I just fill it 1/2 full for 4-5oz bar). They are so cheap that there is no engraving on the bottom of it so no words on my bar :)