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You all are not suppose to be seeing this, simply because my last business name was stolen from me. Although I sent in my trademark info.. I still have not gotten it back.

I need all of your opinions on my new logo i have someone working on. My new business name is attached. Please, dont use my business name, you wouldnt want anyone doing that to you.

Let me know what you think about it.. it needs a flare to it.. something is missing and I just dont know what it is..

Is the lettering & box around the girls black or brown?

If you want more flair, I am thinking white polka dots. How about adding polka dots to the shirt of the curly haired woman. Then you could always play w/ the polka dots, like w/ polka dotted ribbon, etc. Or heck , you could polka dot the whole teal background.

I can't tell that what the girls are smelling is a strawberry.
Yeah its a strawberry, maybe I can have her detail it more.. i think I like th polk a dot chocolate background.. Its chocolate brown. I dont want it too complicated ya know.. but the polkadot sounds cute!
I thought it was chocolate, but monitor color is not always acurate. I lik it brown, it's modern & you can certainly play w/ the chocolate packaging!.
I love chocolate so thats why I got that color.. there is some nice chocolate packaging at Nashville Wraps but Im afraid everything I get do not match the logo... Tab do you have stripes and polkadots? are you ever worried about that?
The Art Spot which is my B&M shop (consignmnet gallery/craft mall) is primary polka dots hence art SPOT.

My bath line The Polly Wog patch is pin striped (the strpes coordinate w/ the scent) with a black & white checked border.

It does make for easy packaging choices.
BTW: I hope you are not too sad to see the old image & logo go, I very much like this one better! I think it will have a larger mass appeal for you :wink: . The colors, the girls, the name itself has a broader appeal & is more hip IMHO!
I was sad to see the name go... but this one is just as creative as the last one.. the logo.. my family says they just have to get use to the new one after so many years of the old one... I just learned valuable lessons in the business world..
I dumped the whole entire logo... I changed it completely..
When its done I will show you all.
Yes someone stoled my name and had the nerve to make a website and everything... :roll:
Lesson Learned..
It looks ok.. Its not what I imagined.. I am thinking I would have to find a better designer and pay top money for what I want..
who does good designs?