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Aug 28, 2021
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Been a long time reader of the forum and decided to join so I could ask a question. And to post something hopefully humorous in the Thread Titles and My Strange Mind thread because I appreciate all the laughs there and want to give back.

Over the past decade or so I've made LS, HP, CP, MP, dual lye, syndet bars for shampoo, solid conditioner bars, lotions, body butters, bath bombs, shower steamers and probably other things that aren't coming to mind.

Made a candle once, came here to read about why it set off the smoke alarms, and decided no more candles for me. I was only making it for a gift and don't burn them in my own home (asthma) so not worth the huge learning curve. Hats off to you who make them well.

I make almost all of my body care products and cleaning products due to multiple sensitivities. Cook and eat most meals at home with mostly organic real foods. But I am not above using store-bought things, preservatives, and ingredients that aren't perfectly green (is there such a thing??) if they work and aren't too toxic and don't set off my over-reactive immune system. I appreciate science but will question status quo or read off the beaten path studies because sometimes the little guys have info that the big guys want to suppress for the sake of $$$. Still I respect different views and enjoy a lively discussion as long as we avoid calling names or insulting another's intelligence. This group seems to do a better job at playing nice than many others which is why I don't do other social media. Can't afford what that does to my bp haha.

Bottom line, I know a few things but always have lots more to learn so thanks for sharing all your knowledge.
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