Hi from Georgia, soon to be Alabama!

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Jul 3, 2008
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Hi all! Happy 4th!

I'm Irish, just retired one week ago from 20 years in the Air Force. I have twin boys who ALWAYS need baths, hence ny name, twinsoapyboys! LOL

I love making soap. It's the first hobby I've found since my twins were born that I can eventually share with them. I started with MP (absolutely love using Stephenson, Castile, and Shea Butter bases) and am in love with the hot process method. I've made a couple of good batches of HP so far :) I'm all about learning as much as I can and I do sell on etsy.

I am getting ready to move to Alabama, back to my family and I can't wait!

Thanks to Ginger who showed me this site.
Hi, welcome to The SMF! We are all "bubbly" here when it comes to chatting soap. Glad you and family are enjoying your great home made true soap, isn't it wonderful! Wishing you the best on your move, be safe. Happy 4th to you and yours! :wink:

Paul :wink:
Hello Irish! (is that your real name?....cute!) You will certainly enjoy this forum, it's so helpful and friendly.
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Hi Irish, I am also new to soaping, what part of alabama are you moving to? I m in Huntsville. Kathleen
You sound like you are already hooked! :lol: :lol: We'll never let you get away! Welcome