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Mar 18, 2022
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New Hampshire
I had the idea to make soap before Christmas so my husband bought me a beginners guide for a present. I gathered my supplies and attempted my first batch and was hooked. I wanted a soap without chemicals, light to no fragrance and good for the skin. The soap will be just for my husband and me and, if good enough, presents for friends and family. The more I read about soap making, the more I want to try. This weekend I bought a crockpot to try hot process soap making. Thank you for letting me join this forum, I know I will spend hours, days, possibly week’s just reading the topics. What a find!
Welcome Rae! So glad you can join us. Soaping is so fun, isn't it?

I'm guessing you meant that you want a soap without harsh chemicals, or perhaps synthetic ingredients (because everything is made of chemicals, including our bodies). Many of us here started soaping because store-bought soap was too hard on our skin, so we are tracking with you on that. Enjoy the journey and don't forget to post some of your creations for us to enjoy with you. :)
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Hi Rae,
Additives such as chelators make a big difference with the performance of soaps and help somewhat with the soap build-up in drains. Without chelators soap forms scum in our tubs on our skin and in our drains, the amount of scum will depend on the hardness of your water. DeeAnna has valuable to study here. Soapy Stuff. While these would be considered chemicals by some they are very beneficial chemicals.
Thank you for the welcome Lion of Judah and the information cmzaha. I have learned quite a bit in the past few weeks. Just tried hot processing and learned to use a bigger crockpot than my 3 quart and to not keep it on high. The volcano overflow was spectacular to say the least. But, it's in the mold now awaiting tomorrow for me to cut and see if I failed completely or have another batch of usable soap. I've made shampoo bars and just plain soap bars with a little fragrance. I should have said harmful chemicals in my initial introductory post as that is truly what I need to stay away from.
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I should have said harmful chemicals in my initial introductory post as that is truly what I need to stay away from.

Welcome. I do CP myself so I can't help you from personal experience, but I would like to say because of misinformation, that even though HP soap can be used once the soap has cooled in the mold, it still needs to cure at least four to six weeks. HP only speeds up the process of saponification.

"Harmful chemicals" is correct because Sodium Hydroxide is a chemically produced from Sodium Chloride. Which is good for us, else-wise we would be forced to use Potash a less reliable, though natural process of combining white wood ash and water. People get hooked on the concept of 'natural' and 'organic' not understanding that 1) not everything that is natural and organic is good for you and in fact, can be quite deadly and 2) not everything that is a chemical is bad for you...think oxygen and sodium.
It's amazing how leaving off one word will alter the sentence 😂. I knew better. As a nurse for 47 years, i had to study chemistry, biology, human anatomy and physiology so i have no excuse. 🤪. But, you all are so good humored about education and not being reproachful. I feel all warm and cozy talking with you all! 🥰
I suppose I will have a glut of soap bars at some point but there are so many oils and butters and combinations to try. I can’t use it fast enough. My first batch is mostly given away but i have three batches waiting in the wings with one finishing curing this weekend. 🤣.
Does anyone weigh their soap to know when the water has evaporated enough to be able to use it or do you just go by weeks?