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Feb 29, 2020
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Even though I've been a member for a little over a year now, I am just now getting around to introducing myself to this community. I have really enjoyed reading the information that you all post and am very thankful there is a place where we can all learn from each other and grow as individuals.

As far a introductions go.. my name is Becca and I live in Southern Ohio. I am a stay at home mom of two very energetic little girls, ages 7 & 3, who are a true blessing. Over the years I've worked in telemarketing, sales, restaurant business and was a Client Service Director of a Local Pregnancy Center for 13 years. I have also made candles (like 15 years ago) and absolutely loved it and will one day get back into that. For the past year and a half my passion has been making Whipped Body Butters, Moisturizing Lotion Bars, Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, HP Soap, and now friends and family are requesting Body Mists and Candle Melts. Needless to say... I am VERY excited. The reason I started making these items was for my own personal use to help soothe my skin conditions without turning to injections. Once my family and friends started seeing how this has helped me they wanted me to make them some too. I am Soooooo much happier making my own body care items rather than buying products that are loaded with harmful chemicals. I'd much rather use natural butters and oils that are healthy for my skin and I have so much fun making them and that is a blessing in itself.

My ultimate goal is to one day turning this into a small business that I can pass onto my girls if they so choose.

Thank you for reading/listening. It is a pleasure to meet all of you :dance:
Nov 15, 2018
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Welcome! We will look forward to seeing some pictures of your creations and learning from your experience with making body care products.

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