Hi all! New here from Chicago!

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Nov 5, 2007
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Chicago, IL
Hi everyone,
New here from Chicago but not new to soap.
My grandma was a soaper back in the old days so I was raised to soap! :)
I do CP and MP but since I have some kids now- the CP isn't great to do with the little buggers around. I'm working on a website at the request of friends!
What a process though it will take forever LOL!! I also do sulfate free body whip and shea butter whipped lotion. I should say they are handmade for me and I scent them- but it's still work! :) Love all natural products!
Anyway, glad I found this site- since I've been banned from caustic chemicals in the house- I'm anxious to learn rebatch which I know is kind of the same and hopefully I can help too! Little rusty on CP though- should be just like riding a bike.
I look forward to putting my two cents in and hanging out. Everyone seems so great!
Take care,
Dannielle :lol:

Thanks for the welcome :)!!
Irena- I love your dragonfly!!
I can't wait to chat it up- I love soap!! Soap of all kids- I may go broke checking out all these wonderful soaper creations!
Ok Irena- fairy lol-
Dragonfly on the mind from meltnpourqueen!
Everyone you will find that I post a hundred times- it's normal. I always seem to forget something I want to say. :)
A big welcome to The SMF! We hope you just share with us much! We are a chatty and friendly group of folks! The "windy city" that is close to where my BIL lives in Elkhart IN.

Paul..... :wink:
Not far!

Thanks Paul- I will try to share as much as I can!! I like to gab!
I love soap so it will be no problem!
Indy isn't too far at all, I actually have relatives in Elkhart as well!