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Jul 23, 2007
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abbeville, sc
My name is Paige, I live in Abbeville SC. I make soap, bake like a mad woman, and am working on knitting and crochet. (I always think of crotch when I say that) anyways.

I really like animals, my husband and I are working on having a self sufficient micro farm. We have 2 dogs, 5 cats (want one?) and 2 chickens. I am currently looking for 2 Jacob ewes (sheep) so if anyone has some to spare I can give them a good home.

Oh my soap - I am into veggie oils, animal fat makes me gag and I can't even look at it. I still eat meat, but its slowly working its way out of my diet with all these animals running around. Poor chickens.

i have a website, you can't buy anything on it so I don't think its an advertisement, I would like to know what you think its www. abbevillehomegrownsoap .com don't put in spaces or you will get porn (not mine) sorry.
Welcome, LOVE the avatar, the micro farm thing is a bit amazeing!
Hi! (ribbittt) :lol:

Welcome Paige to The SMF! :D We are glad you found our forum. We think it is a really nice place to "hang your hat" up fir awhile! 8) Please jump in, chat, share all you want, even throw your worries, :cry: or joys :D upon us! We are here for each other!

Paul.... :wink: