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Apr 8, 2016
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Hi there I was going to take it back to basics being as my last 2 attempts at using soap calc didn't really turn out so well
So I was going to use the soap queen recipe that she has on YouTube but I just realised I don't have any palm oil left. My question is. Would it be ok to sub this with maybe lard ? As I have so much lard lol

The ingredients I have right now are

Lard 1000g
Cocoa butter 100g
Avacardo butter 100g
Jojoba oil only 75ml
Sweet almond oil only 50ml
Coconut oil 2000ml
Olive oil 1 litre

Or maybe u have a recipe I could try ?

Thank you for all help
I've made one batch, 50% lard, 45% Olive oil and 5% Castor oil. It turned out very hard and is extremely moisturizing. Perhaps you could replace the Castor and some of the Olive with 10-15% coconut oil for some cleansing. I Think I may have to try this now.
I like a little more coconut oil in my soap recipes. I would probably do 20% coconut oil, 10% Cocoa Butter , 20% olive oil, 42% lard and 8% Castor oil. You will get a little more bubbly lather that way. The lard should give you creamy lather.
I can't stand the mixed units in that recipe! I know it's because they sell the oils in those formats, but still.

As for "using soap calc", I don't even look at the numbers any more. If you read the feedback here and go back through lots and lots of other feedback threads (and then some more, just to be safe) you'll start to pick out the patterns in what it suggested and the reasons for it.

One huge benefit of this is knowing things that soap calc simply cannot tell you, like too much castor making a soft sticky bar, or too much butter reducing your bubbles down. That sort of information comes in the threads, not the numbers.