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Feb 28, 2008
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Melbourne Australia
Well I decided to give it a go today after a few years of not making CP soap.
Started off all excited and confident, thinking I will whizz through it with no problems.
It amazed me with the prior experience I had about the subject and quiet a few batches made that I could get it so wrong in formulating the recipe.

Total oils used 2068 grams. Olive,Palm.Coconut and Sunflower.
Cocnut FO used 135 grams. I weighed this on the scale.

My soap log has now got about an inch of oil sitting on top of the soap help..
can I save this....

What is the correct amount of FO or EO to use for this amount of oils. got myself all confused today.........

Coral, the most FO I would have used would have been 80 - 85 grams. I generally use no more than 4% of the total weight of my oils.

Did you run your recipe thru a lye calculator, just to make sure that you used the right amount of lye? If so, I would just toss the lot into the crock pot & rebatch it.
The oils could be because your batch could have overheated and the oils separated. You might have also been off with your lye amounts. You could have also got false trace. If the oils do not soak back in, you can try to save it with a rebatch.

I use no more than 1 oz of fragrance PPO. Some fragrance oils I can use even less.

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