Help me buy large womens shoes from Zappos!

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Jan 14, 2014
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Okay, I'm sure that thread title end up in the "Thread titles and my strange mind" thread. Have fun with it!

But seriously, I'm trying to buy athletic shoes for a recent Sudanese immigrant, brand new mother, still very intimidated at this new environment and really don't want to take her out shoe shopping in a store.

She is very tall and wears a size 13 ish and probably wide size shoe.

I know that Asics shoes run narrow, and new balance tends to run wide. What other tidbits of information do you know that could help me choose some shoes for her?

(Yes, I know that I can put 'wide' in the search bar....but it still gives me hundreds of shoes that don't come in wide. That's why I'd like to hear your experiences with shoe companies and their sizes)
I can likely help you. There is a wide option on their search. I happen to wear an 11 WW and have trouble finding shoes. The best tennis shoes I've gotten were New Balance. They are quite comfortable. I still need the WW. The sad part is they vary from brand to brand so I have a tendency to stick with what I know works for me.
I actually end up with mens shoes (two sizes small than womens... I wear a 9 womens sometimes 9.5, and in mens I'm a 7, sometimes 7.5) because they come in 4E....reallllyyyy wide. You may want to consider going that route (mens).

Problem is, I finally find a set of shoes I love and they now never have them in stock. Just got in some New Balance brand, and my feet aren't happy (somehow the right big toe is rubbing). Will be trading them for another guess....but that's the beauty of Zappos :)
Yes! I forgot about men's shoes! (I have wide feet too, and as a teenager often got stuck in the men's shoe section and their ugly shoes; traumatizing! Was I ever grateful when Ryka came out - girl shoes in wide!!)

So I have an assortment picked out for her to choose from, then get them shipped to her. I almost feel guilty for taking advantage of the free shipping....but this is the best option I can think of for her right now. She's been wearing flip flops! Being fresh from Sudan - 75 degrees air temperature is cold for her!
Thank you shunt and nsmar!! Rachel received her Zappo's box today and found a pair that fit! Her first pair of real shoes! And great timing too, because the weather is getting chilly (For S. California...and especially for someone used to the heat in Sudan!)

Now I'd like to get her a pair of basic black flats or something. She ought to have at least 2 pairs of shoes on hand anyway.