Help! I can't stop making soap!!!

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Cinnamon Le

Apr 26, 2022
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It's a slippery slope to say the least. I started watching my wife create these beautiful works of art that led me to follow suit. Now.... I can't stop! I rush home from work everyday to see if my loaf is ready to be removed from my mold just so I could pour another lol. Anyhow, excited to be here and learn from you all, sadly I don't have much to contribute yet but glad to be here!
Im thinking of soap 24/7 the moment I wake up and read soap forums and content online in bed. Haha the excitement when the boss at work allows us to go home early!! And that ping sound when you cut that soap!! What a wonderful addiction/hobby !!! Looking and touching and sniffing the soap everyday haha 不不不 they are delicious ! Enjoy your soaps with your wife, my hubby thinks im brewing soapy drugs in our backyard !!!

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