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Jan 9, 2008
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Hi everyone. I've been checking out SMF for a few weeks and wanted to join the family. I make MP soaps, candles, jewelry--both semi-precious and polymer clay, cards, and painted, lighted glass blocks. I'm also trying to do some other B&B products but have some concerns after reading posts here. You all have already been so helpful to me, you make me think about new possibilities and share helpful warnings and other info. I have a lot of questions, such as:

1. Does anyone know how to make a massage lotion? Need this for friend who is helping me financially to get going with my business.

2. Does goat's milk lotion from WSP already have preservatives in it? It is water-based. Can I just add my FO's /EO's and it be safe?

3. As far as percentages go--if something calls for a 6% fragrance load, does that mean I figure what 6% of amount of lotion I'm adding to would be or is it 6% of final product ?

4. I want to set up a store on Etsy but wonder how I get paid. I'm having to borrow a credit card (from same friend mentioned above) to keep on file there and don't want things charged to her. How does all that work?

Guess that's enough ??? for now, but I'm sure to post more later. Thanks in advance for all your help. I'm already an addict to SMF and excited to be a part of the family.

Dian :D :D
Hi Dian! I can help out a little, I think.
1) I think oils/oil blends are much better for massages. Has your friend asked specifically fro a lotion?
2) The best way to find out about the WSP GM lotion is to ask them. Deb's a good egg, for sure, and I don't think she would have a problem answering your questions.
3) You got it! :wink:
4) And this one I can't help you with :roll: but there are plenty here who can. :wink:
The way you get paid is pretty much up to you. You can exept Paypal (advised) or choose to collect payments through the mail. As for paying Etsy, you must pay your Etsy "bill" monthly using the credit card on file. It should be fairly small though especially at first. Maybe your friend would let you charge her card and pay her back? Or you can use a debit card or even buy one of those pre-paid cards from a local store.
1. There are lots of recipes out there for massage lotion & massage oils. I suggest going to yahoo search & just searching massage lotion recipe. The only difference w/ a regular lotion or oil & a massage lotion ot oil is the *slip* factor. You may even want to research oil properties to see wheich give the besy slip for a smoother massage.

2. A lotion base should be ready to go & should already have appropriate preserves in it. All you should need to do is add fragrance &/or color if you choose, bottle/jar and label.

3. That means you want approx 94oz of lproduct and approx 6oz of fragrance. Which equals approx 15oz of product and 1oz of fragrance. That seems like an aweful lot of fragrance, what product is it in referance to?

4. I use etsy. Once a month any fees you have accumilated by listing items or commissions on sales will be charged to her credit card. The only way to avoid that would be to pay your bill before the 15th of each month but the only form of payment they take (that I am aware of) is credite/debit cards.