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Jan 21, 2008
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Just wanted to introduce myself. Over a year ago I tried soapmaking for the first time in an attempt to raise money for orphans. I wasn't able to raise as much money as I'd hoped but did make some and in the process realized how much fun making soap is!

I like making all natural soap using essential oils.

:p Happy to find this forum!
HI. I also use natural colorants and eo's. The outlet where I sell on consignment is an all natural/organic co-op (like a farmer's market, but you have to be a member to shop there), so any artificial ingredients, FO's or colors are not allowed.

I love the challenge of finding good soap colors in herbs, spices, the butters and oils themselves, etc. It's never ending and no two batches come out the same. It's fun to combine different eo's and see what great scents come from them. I love it! :p


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