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Oct 19, 2015
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The Netherlands

My name is Braam and i'm from the Netherlands. its a couple of years a go i read for the first time about making your own soap and now finally i decided to make some soap. i already made 1 CP and one CPOP soap, i will post these in another topic i will start.

I hope to learn a lot from all of you and hoping to make some awesome soaps. future plan is also to sell soap. with a friend of mine we are starting our own webshop selling handmade products.

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Hi and welcome

Having just seen your other post, I would suggest seeing how you get on with soaping before considering selling. Especially as the EU regulations make it more difficult and not something to be entered in to lightly, such as with the safety assessments and so on. A good time is 1 year of soaping, as that will give you a lot of experience with recipes and processes, as well as seeing if you actually like making soap or not!
Hi Braam,

Welcome to the forum. I agree with TEG. Give yourself a year or so to see first if you like it, second do you really want to pursue making it a business. There is so much you need to know about your product before selling. I would just have fun learning.
thanks everybody :D

i first want to find out how to do it the best way and just try out a lot of different recipes. When everything is going oke and the soaps are beautiful i want to sell them. together with a friend we will make soaps, candles, beanies, bracelets etc. all handmade.
Whenever people ask me if it's difficult to make soap, I say no, it's not difficult, but it's tricky. I don't know any other better way to explain it. The process itself is simple enough, but there are so many variables, so many different ingredients that require different techniques and handling, and it's good to be acquainted with all of them, and all the things that can go wrong, know how to avoid them, or if they occur, how to handle them. There's a lot to the art of soapmaking, and it takes time to learn, so as far as selling goes, give it time. The advice you got above, about waiting a year is sound advice. You won't be sorry. And in the meantime, read all you can, and make a lot of soap!