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Feb 11, 2016
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Just outside of Nashville, TN
Hello from central Tennessee. First I would like to offer my thanks to the self-described “Enablers” on this site. Your collective knowledge has made this adventure an enjoyable one to say the least. About 5 months ago my wife purchased me a bar of soap from a flea market and I truly enjoyed it. Then the reality set in, with 5 kids paying $7 a bar for soap is not a reality, then the thought hit. If they can make this, I can make it too, how hard can it really be? Snicker, and so it began. I have been making soap for about 3 months now and am having a blast. Happy to report with your help I have, IMHO, surpassed the quality of the bar that started this joy ride.

The adventure continues this weekend with my first attempt at Salt bars, all while enjoying a lard bar inspired by Susie and “80% Lard Soaps..OK, I Get it Now”.

Again, thanks to all for your input albeit obtained by lurking.

Have a great day!
It all starts so innocently Marshall....before you know it, you'll be lingering in the oils aisle of the grocery and hitting dollar stores for everything else...