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Jan 18, 2008
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Hi there all,
Just forund this forum yesterday. Well actually my son found it and let me know. So excited to find somewhere new to be. I am now a stay at home mom to two adopted children after working as a nurse for almost twenty years and raising my two biological children. I am married to my best friend for almost 34 years now and we just became first time grandparents last April to the sunshine of our life Mattie, other wise known as Grammie's Muffin. I play around at a bit of B&B and make CP soaps and my son is the candlemaker in the family. We are also partners in our small supply company. So glad to have found you guys and I will probably be lurking around a bit each day!! Hope to meet some new people on here. Anyone else from PA???
I am about 60 miles north of Pittsburgh, halfway between Indiana, PA. & Punxsutawney, PA. Getting ready for Phil to make his appearance soon!
I went to Groundhog's Day once in college....i came back the next morning covered in mud and wreaking of alcohol with just enough time to grab my book and run to my morning lab....

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