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Jul 15, 2021
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Hi all!

My name is Kirsten. My usual online handle is Goegirl (a riff on my last name) but it was taken - lol - so I'm just being myself. I'm 50, blissfully single and a Registered Nurse in Mid-Northern Ontario, Canada.

I've been lurking and absorbing knowledge on the forum for a couple of months now. THANKS, by the way.

I'm not exactly new to soapmaking. I made my first lye-based batch probably 20 years ago, did lots of melt-n-pour with my kids when they were littler, and I've made the odd batch here & there. I got most of my information from library books over the years.

I started seriously committing to removing unnecessary plastic from my life a couple of years ago, which inevitably brought me to bubbly things. Shampoo and bubble bath are *SERIOUS* business in my home of bath-obsessed-teenagers. I'm comfortable with shampoo bars (syndet), I'm working on conditioners and I pursue the holy grail - homemade bubbly bubble bath. I'm very comfortable with making liquid soap (thank you, @IrishLass ! My Avatar is a pot full of almost-vaseline-stage-LS) and hot process soaps and I'm working on cold process (I'm not patient, so it's not my favourite!) soaps. But, I still have questions. So, I thought I'd finally jump in and say hi.