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May 15, 2015
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My username is from my favorite cat I had for 21 years and her name was Chelsea. I always called her Chelabella and the name Chela just stuck as a username. I just now put up an avatar of a Siberian tiger. Omg I just love them and think they're the most beautiful animals in the world and rare at that. I have five (little) cats now and my daughter just moved back home with two more so ya......seven cats in the house. My brother calls me the crazy cat lady
Welcome to the forum , it's nice to have you with us, hope you enjoy our company .
I have no cats and I can't have dogs. We do have a goldfish named Foolish that has been with us for the past a year. We had two but one died within the month. Anywho, welcome aboard.
Hello and welcome! Can I come visit your house? I love cats but can't have them due to an allergy in the house.

I'm curious, who's the boss in the house, cat or dog?

Well, one cat is the boss of the other cat - but 3 of the dogs like to pack up and chase Boss Cat. So the dogs are winning this one.
Thanks everyone......I have learned so much just from reading on here and now hope to learn from my mistakes by posting them