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Jun 23, 2019
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My name is Dee but there are alot of Dees so just call me Deeda. So glad to have found you all still here. I'm an old soaper from the mid 1990's back when the soap community first gathered to experiment and share. That was an awesome time of challenge, purpose and soapy friendships. I'm glad to see that the "handcrafted body" is so alive and stronger than ever.
After 10 years into my body product obsession real life events pushed my equipment into the closet. Now that I'm retired and free I want to try for a revival! My favorite soap is still CP. I liked using choice oils macerated with herbs for healing help to aid my changing skin. Was just looking over old recipes and scribbles of "detailed notes", uhhh, yeah, it's all starting to come back now and it's a little scary feeling like a newbie again. I'm visualizing how to switch my home back into 'Soapland'. Know what I mean?
I am so impressed with not only the amazing "Soap Challenge Club" designs but the concept of the challenge is beyond my imagination... mind blowing!
I want to catch up on all of it, to make new friends and share what I can.