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now my oven is almost always presentably clean, which is a minor miracle
Because we often cook our bacon in the oven, it is never presentable! 😆 I’ve longed for someone to create and sell a large rectangular spatter screen that would fit over a rimmed baking sheet, similar to the round spatter screens used over pots on the stove.

Till then, I’m hoping that our recently purchased Anyday microwave dish is going to change that. I’ve resisted other microwave dishes bc they’ve all been made of plastic; this one is all glass except for the silicone seal and pot handle. The bacon comes out pretty good - not as perfect as the oven, but close enough for the trade-off of a much cleaner oven, not to mention faster cook time and not heating up the kitchen. 😁
I have a heating pad that tells you the temp and has a timer. It goes up to 149F. I put it on 140 for the max time which is two hours and then do it again. I got it after my mom turned on the oven and melted my kaleidoscope mold. I just wrap it around my mold and then wrap a towel after that.
My Kane is only supposedly goes to 140 (not to fry little piggies that is originally made for;)). I turn in on when I start making soap so by the time I am putting the mold on it - it is nice and warm., and keep it on for about 12 hrs. Then turn it off, and cut the soap in 18-24 hrs. I still get soda ash sometimes, but it jells perfectly and never overheats. It also came with the temp probe, which I never figured out how to use.