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Aug 27, 2007
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I used KY's Eggnog in their Body Glaze at the recommended amount. I can barely smell it. My husband and two coworkers who sniffed it said it is WAY too strong. I gave the one a sample, and she gave it back :) I dabbed a bit on my hand, and again (two days later, haven't made anything since), can't really smell it. She said she couldn't wash it off :)

I don't have a cold, so I don't get it. I think it's just me :roll: :(
I have that same problem sometimes. I get self concious about soaps because I can smell them strongly, then when someone else tries them they can. I have heard that if go outside and take a few breaths and then smell you will get a truer smell. I recently made Coffee Mocha and a chocolate soap that was cured at the same time. My house smelled like chocolate for 2 weeks and I slowly got to where I couldnt smell them. Other people sure can though.
You can overload your sense of smell and either everything will smell the same or it is real light. That is what happens to me if I work w/ too many scents all in the same day. By the next day my nose is back to normal though
Tabitha said:
By the next day my nose is back to normal though

This is two days later, and I still can barely smell it. I make it in the basement, everything has been cleaned up, and I haven't even been down there since.

I can smell it OOB, but even that isn't that strong. It almost knocked my husband over. :lol:

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