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May 22, 2008
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I would like to learn how to make my own recipes, but am completely dense when I read about oil properties - I get that certain oils lend different properties to soaps, but am clueless on how much to use, or what combinations to use, etc. I want to learn - but I just don't seem to get it.

So I ran across this site and wonder what you all think. I'm afraid if I purchase it, it will be the same info as on Miller's site, or any other numbers of sites I've come across.

Thanks for any comments.
I hope I'm not offending anybody, but my BS radar really lights up when I see a sales pitch like that website. If he's got real, proven, useful information that's worth the money, he shouldn't have to advertise it as though it were snake oil.

It will be a little more work to research from proven reputable sites, but it will be well worth your time.
I think that if you just keep at this, you will develop your own style and great recipes will come to you! There is no reason to pay for this e-book with so many great people on the forum willing to help you. Also free ideas at the library and elsewhere on line. I never thought I would get an original idea but I have. Im learning everday! Happy soaping!
Yes, what everyone else said. Buy some oils or yummy FO's/EOs to play with instead. :D

From my experience this is an add for an e-book that someone has listed along with several others, like 101 crock pot recipes or E-Bay sales. Most times these e-books ads are for an e-book that someone bought along with a hundred others for $1.00 and they try to get others to buy them. Most times the person selling this information has not even read what is in the e-book :wink:
I'd look for info on sites like this one! It's free and real people are behind what you find!
Just my opinion.
I read his little spiel and all I can say is, 'Don't waste your money when you don't have to'! You can get all that info for free by reading over at the SoapCalc site, Miller's Soap site, and here at the Soapmaking Forum. I've found the internet to be my very best friend for free, up-to-date soaping wisdom. The library has soaping books, too (at least mine does), but no book (so far) has ever equaled the wisdom I've been able to glean from experienced soapers here, and also on the various other soaping forums I've frequented over the past few years. Like Black Soap n Candle Lady said- there are many great people right here on this board willing and happy to help you. All you need to do is ask. :) We won't bite- we promise. :)

I am very new to soaping and the soapers here have given me a bunch of good tips!! Ill save you the pain of hearing my stories....but I will tell you with trial and error I think Im getting close. I posted the oils I was using and got some good feed back. kathleen
Don't waste your money!!! Miller's site has a great chart but compare it with something like these: Cole Brothers, TLC Soaps, or Oil Properties. Mary Ann was a member on an Australian soap group and taught me a lot about oils, fatty acids, and "chain" lengths. Read a bit of what what she has to say: Mary Ann, the chemist. Susan Cavitch-Miller's The Soapmaker's Companion has a great soap science section. hth