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Jul 11, 2015
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Re: New legislation Recognizes Small Handmade Cosmetic Businesses

November 19, 2015

Dear Handmade Cosmetic Supporter:

* * *A new cosmetic bill, The Cosmetic Modernization Amendments of 2015 (HR 4075), was introduced by Congressman Pete Sessions in the U.S. House of Representatives. *The good news is that the legislation includes two specific exemptions to accommodate small handmade cosmetic businesses and does not assess any registration/user fees. *The small business exemptions are:

Home-based cosmetic businesses are exempt from all new requirements set forth in the billSmall businesses operating outside the home with annual cosmetic sales of less than $1 million are exempt from all new requirements set forth in the bill

* * *The HCA fully supports the no fee approach and commends Congressman Sessions for exempting all home-based businesses;however, the HCA does not support the provision that requires non-home based small businesses with $1 million or more in annual sales to be subject to burdensome product ingredient filings, possible independent product testing and potential future FDA fees. *The HCA will be working with Congressman Sessions and other congressional leaders to secure a $2M exemption for producers outside the home.

* * *The bill introduced today is a step in the right direction and demonstrates that our industry’s efforts to bring attention to the unique needs of handmade cosmetic companies have been successful. *That said, the Handmade Cosmetic Alliance knows that we have more work to do to obtain fair and reasonable provisions to support the growing handmade cosmetic industry.

* * *As with other cosmetic legislation that has been introduced over the past six years as well as other bills that may be proposed in the future, the process for a bill to become law is a long one. *During this process, the HCA will continue to work with Members of Congress to advocate for fair and reasonable accommodations for small businesses, like yours.

* * *The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance*is committed to the handmade cosmetic industry and to making sure than any new legislation fosters the growth of small businesses so that you can continue to grow and produce safe, quality handmade products in your community. *

* * The Handmade Cosmetic Alliance invites you to stand together with*over 12,000 current alliance*members. *It is free to join the Handmade Cosmetic Alliance,*simply*CLICK HERE*today!

Sincerely Yours,

*Deborah May
President & CEO
Handmade Cosmetic Alliance

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Jul 22, 2010
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Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Yes, I did as well, and was grateful that Debbie forwarded the info, otherwise I probably never would have stumbled upon it.