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dragonfly princess

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Jun 4, 2007
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Just watching the news, you guys have a great new year!!!! It is only 8am here in Michigan! Got a few more hours here!!

Everyone be safe!!
I think we have at least 2 Aussie members here, Becky and.....forget now, help. May 2008 bring you health, wealth, and good soap making adventures! Cheers!

Paul.... :wink:
Thanks guys. (FYI - Eggbert & Aussiesoaper are the other aussies here :lol: )

I hope everyone had an awesome New Years Eve? Did you do anything special?

DH & I stayed in a resort in Mackay, on the Queensland coast. It was our first night on our own after spending a week with his family. We had an upstairs room overlooking the ocean & got quite drunk & fed a possum. Yep, a possum cruised down out of the palm trees, had a look around our table where we had cheese & bikkies & wine & salami sitting there. We gave him a couple of crackers, which he seemed less than impressed with, so we offered him some camembert cheese. He thought that was a bit of alright, enough that I was allowed to pat him before he headed off to visit someone else!

I'm trying to post a picture of him, but can't remember how! :oops: Maybe later when my brain kicks in...
You Aussies and you animals in the wild! You are just another "Steve Erwin" type, eh? :lol: Glad you guys had a tip, top time!

Paul.... :wink:

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