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There are some old threads on natural colorants that are very informational, been reading them. Wish I had a local store that sold all the powdered spices and herbs. Guess I should shop mountain rose herbs soon.
Yes, I have been looking at some of those threads! Compiling a list of herbs and spices I might want to try so I can go back over there to see if they have them. I know I saw arrow root and ground turmeric in there.
I am so excited! I decided to make a visit today to our local Mennonite store. They stock lye! And HUGE jugs of CO! And powdered spices. I even found citric acid in there! Score!

That's the one thing that I miss about living in TN. There was a store like that near where we lived, and I always loved visiting it. Always bought my milk from them :)
Yes, everything I have bought from them before has been great quality. This is the first time I have been in there since I started making soap though, and I was in hog heaven! :)
I love the local Mennonite stores, thats where I get all my CO and spices. I haven't seen any lye there though, I should ask about it.
I also get powdered coconut milk and wheat free flours there, not to mention the yummy scones.
I was sure excited to find all those goodies today! They will be getting a lot of business from me in the future! I must do more research on the spices and powders as to what they can contribute to soaps via infusions and adding directly to the batter. Right now though, I'm just super excited to have found a local supplier! And with such excellent smells floating around in there to tempt me!

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