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Nov 29, 2007
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New Jersey
I'm laughing at myself....

Well I went through all the trouble of trying to make my first two-color swirl in my 2lb TOG mold. I unmolded it today, and all I can see are lines running horizontally throughout the log of soap. No swirl anywhere except for the top - and that's when it dawns on me - you can't do a swirl in this mold - you need a slab mold.

What a dope! lol :p
FOr the 2 pounder you can swirl in the pot and pour into the mold....I have also had some success swiling in the log molds by pouring at various heights about the mold....and then dragging a chop stick through it.

Post pics....I'm sure it looks great!

I did the same damned thing, and perhaps I'll post pictures of my own horizontal lines. :) That's when it occurred to me that doing the swirl that way will only work on a slab, not a log. You probably even saw the same tutorial as I did.

What I realized is that you just need a different technique. I haven't found it yet but I'm sure I can get a nice 3-dimensional swirl that will go through the entire log and be visible in every bar, and will stay visible as the bar gets used up. Perhaps one day I'll be famous in soaperland for inventing a new technique. ;)

Try something else Brian. You'll get it, I'm sure. Just think in three dimensions. Imagine what your manipulations are doing to the insides of the log. Think about what tools you might use to accomplish your goals, and make tools if you can't get them otherwise. I've already invented one tool that I will describe it in a post when I get it to work the way I want.
You can swirl in a log mold but you can't get the same affect as in a slab mold.

When pouring in your alternate colors, pour top to bottom and left to right. While doing this pour from high up and then low down. Pretend you're pouring while on a roller coater. This will get the color throughout the whole log. Then I take the spatula and pull it through the soap from each corner of the log to the center. That gets rid of lines and makes swirls. The more you blend in the mold the swirlier.
Thanks for the encouragement.

Well I found a demo on how to swirl in a log mold, and I gave that a try. Have to wait until tomorrow to see how it looks once I cut them.

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