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Jan 1, 2021
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Suburbs, Philadelphia, PA, USA
I've been lurking in the these forum threads for a month or so. I'm just gobsmacked at the support and talent I've seen.

I've been hit hard by the soapmaking bug. It's my most favorite hobby I've ever done, and like many, have tried quite a few.

I first experimented with M&P. That's all it took to start researching CP soap and diving in head first.

I was so proud of my first CP soap. I didn't know that you should mix the mica with thin oils. I mixed them with ETOH and it riced instantly. It looked like moldy cheese when cut! I didn't care.

I've done about 15 batches, different recipes, different sizes and pouring techniques. I joke that they all turn out ugly and if I ever create a soap business it'll be called "Ugly Soaps to Clean your Crack."

Sincere gratitude to everyone here!! I'll continue coming back for the laughs and the awesome soaping tips!!

Here's what I just cut this morning so I think I am improving a bit.


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Feb 20, 2021
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North Carolina
Your “ugly” soap looks beautiful!! The amount of knowledge contained in this forum and in the minds of the members is mind blowing and people are willing to help you just for the sake of helping a noob like you and I. I’m sure you already know this from browsing the forum, but now that you’re a member you’re going to get lots of help specifically tailored to your projects and it will be invaluable. Welcome!!