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While they are a good price they are thin hdpe and Cannot take going in the oven and if your soap heats up severely the mold can warp. You want to soap them cool. I picked up a couple @ $5.00 each because they were missing the bolts and use them for soap testing.
I use them for HP soap all the time and I have no problems w/ warping. I also cpop with them (set oven to 170, turn off when soap goes in) and never had a problem. I've never let the temperature of the mold exceed 170 F though so maybe when soap overheats @200+ F it might be an issue.

I think the mold is very sturdy. Maybe they are different now? I bought mine 2+ years ago.

I got mine in store 2 years ago with a 50% coupon. It really is a good deal. I find it to be a perfect "practice" size mold
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I bought two of these. I hate them. My soap sticks!! The first time, I didn't know I had to use anything with it. The second time, I greased it well (really well) with mineral oil. The third time I lined it with freezer paper, but I didn't trim it to fit. I guess I'm going to have to line them with freezer paper. Every time. And cut the paper to fit. Because wrinkles & creases are not attractive on your soaps.
Yes, I line with freezer paper, but just on the long sides and not the ends. I find the short sides don't need lining or greasing.

I fold the freezer paper to fit so I don't have to worry about cutting it perfectly to size.

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